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Portland District Library

Library Board

The Library Board

Portland District Library Board

President: John Tannery, Danby Township
Vice President: Nancy Marks, City of Portland
Secretary: Kathy Cook, Portland Township
Treasurer: Mary Leik, Danby Township
Trustee: Maureen Wallace, Portland Township
Trustee: Lance McFarlin, City of Portland

  • The Portland District Library Board meets the fourth Friday of each month, except July and December, at 9:30 a.m. in the library's meeting room. 
  • All meetings are open to the public.
  • Questions and concerns may be addressed with the Library Director at any time.


The Portland District Library Board is an appointed board with two members each from the City of Portland, Portland Township, and Danby Township. Board members are appointed by the township board or city council of the respective governmental unit in which they reside.

  • The term of office is four years; a board member may elect to remain on the library board for additional terms with the appointment of the township board or city council.
    The Board of the Portland District Library is charged with the responsibility of the governance of the library. The Board will hire a Library Director meeting the requirements of the Library of Michigan who will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the library and for implementing and enforcing library policy.
  • The Library Board is responsible for setting library policy and establishing an annual budget. The Library Board is responsible for the upkeep, repair and maintenance of the library building.

The Library Board meets each month except August and December in the library. Under the Open Meetings Act, library board meetings are open to the public. Occasionally special meetings of the Board will be called. Board members are expected to make every effort to attend all meetings and are to contact the Library Director or the Board chairperson if they cannot attend.

These meetings are specifically set aside for the following purposes:

April- Annual review of library policy
May- Review of the library budget for the next fiscal year
June- Adoption of the new budget
July- Election of Library Board Members
September- Review of statistics of the previous fiscal year